Car Repair and Service

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You cannot avoid auto maintenance

You cannot avoid auto maintenance

You cannot avoid auto maintenance, no matter how good your vehicle, of this you can be 100% sure.

Think your vehicle won’t need maintenance?

You might have bought a new Lamborghini or Mercedes and so you may feel that you will not need to maintain this vehicle or send it to a repair service as you have the best vehicle in the world. But you are totally mistaken.
Every vehicle, no matter how classy or how expensive it is, will always be in need of servicing and repairs, over a period of time. In fact, you may be an expert at driving, but this does not mean that your vehicle is not going to need repairs.

Why and what you need to do about auto maintenance

Though you may not believe it, you play an important role in road safety. Research studies have revealed that most vehicle accidents are the result of improper internal and external maintenance of vehicles. Thus, it is very important that you send your vehicle for regular checkups and servicing. Here are some things that must be taken care of to ensure that your vehicle is well maintained….

Replacement of air filter: The main purpose of this filter is to make sure that the air that is entering your vehicle is purified. Thus, at least 2 times in a year, the filter must be checked. In this way you will ensure that your vehicle will stay healthier and fitter for a longer period.

Check the tires: Tires that are under-inflated or over-inflated are a great risk for your life and the lives of other people in the vehicle. Plus, such tires will increase your expenses on fuel and also cause tread damage. Thus, it is a must that you get the air pressure of your tires checked on a regular basis, so that you can increase the lifespan of your vehicle.

Flushing the radiator: The coolant in your radiator is not going to last for a lifetime. As time elapses, this coolant will start to break down and it will decay the inner parts of your vehicle. This will lead to cooling issues as well as repair expenses. Thus it is best to check your radiator annually, to ensure that it is protected from corrosion.
Keep in mind that auto maintenance calls for professional knowledge and as such, it is best that you leave this job to a professional.

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